Accidents happen, at times we dont expect things to go wrong, they usually do!. This is why it is important to always be covered by an insurance policy. Anything of value, needs to be insured. Our cars, our homes, jewellery, gadgets etc, which is why at Tru3 Events, we provide fully comprehensive insurance with all of our Marquee Hires.

Our Marquees are tough and durable, but sometimes things go wrong. And the cost of replacement can be high, which is why we have got your back to ensure you do not receive a large hefty invoice at the end of your hire term.

There are hire companies out there who seem to look more cost effective just from their pricing. However, are they providing you with a quality service, and most importantly, are they insured? This is one of many questions to ask when hiring a marquee for your special occasion!

Why Insurance is important when hiring a Marquee.